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Spirocore Cello String C, Tungsten Wound

By Thomastik

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Tungsten on spiral steel core. The choice of the professional. Warmth and power combined with high stability. A choice of three gauges.


  • Tungsten wound on spiral steel core.

Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
22/02/2011 11:10
Huddersfield, United Kingdom


Great bass sound with good clarity for performance
5 out of 5 found the following review helpful

Pros: Good solid bass sound with fine clarity and easy to play on the medium strength

Cons: High cost

Other: Balances well with Spirocore tungsten G with Larson D & A

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15/12/2017 07:55
Witney, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Huge resonance but needs a lot of playing in.
2 out of 2 found the following review helpful

Pros: Hugely resonant, and responds quickly. (Fitted to Luis and Clark carbon fibre cello.)

Cons: A lot of winding buzz to begin with, but it's improving with playing in.

Other: Obviously string choice depends on the individual instrument and player.

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26/09/2011 10:53
Lancaster, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Punchy, responsive string..strongly recommended!
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Pros: This C string - together with the tungsten G string and Larsen D and A - has given my old French cello a new lease of life. The clarity of sound, attack, volume and response are far better than the Jargar strings I have previously used. Pizzicato on the C string gives a punchy, bassy sound to rival a double bass and fast passages are much easier to play than the comparatively sluggish, thick C string I used to use. It's well worth forking out the extra cash for a string of this quality, even if you're not a professional cellist!

Cons: None

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27/02/2011 19:51
Pietarsaari, Finland


One of the best strings.
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Pros: Strong, tough and pure sound.

Cons: -

Other: -

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07/08/2018 15:11
Newport Pagnell, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Worth the money

Pros: Much easier to play than Jargar classic medium tension. Less effort and concentration to obtain a clean sound. A silky, yet gravelly sound. Had a metallic twang to it at first, but this has mellowed out after two weeks. Pleasantly surprised overall.

Cons: Price.

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27/03/2018 14:40
Oxford, United Kingdom


Worth the extra dosh.

Pros: Replacing one a couple of years old, only just going off despite lots of very loud gig playing. Easily up to pitch & quick to stay in tune.

Cons: Still a bit edgy on the sound two weeks, 4 gigs & lots of teaching after putting it on.

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05/03/2012 12:49
Sowerby Bridge, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Great string - suits my cello perfectly

Pros: On my cheaper cello this is a great string, plenty of responsive bass and clear focussed sound. It has massively improved the sound of the cello and I love playing on it.

Cons: No cons.

Other: On a more responsive cello I imagine it would be rather loud and edgy, but on a cheap Chinese cello it's just perfect.

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