Spirocore Cello String G, Tungsten Wound

By Thomastik

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Tungsten (Wolfram) on spiral steel core. 3 gauges. The choice of the professional. Warmth and power combined with high stability.

Highly responsive and long lasting. Spirocore strings, widely recognized as “the reference standard” are renowned for their distinctive tone and playability.


  • Tungsten on rope steel.
  • Premier quality

Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
22/02/2011 11:07
Huddersfield, United Kingdom


Great string for solid performance
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Pros: Good penetration, full sound with clear tone

Cons: High cost

Other: Balaces well with Larson D & A strings

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Maria Trikoupi
05/03/2021 11:12
Harrogate, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Great sound!

Pros: I am so happy with the Spirocore G string I bought for my cello. I combined Spirocore G+C strings with Larsen A+D. Immediately it made a bit difference: the sound is so perfect, so strong and fits great with the mellow sound of D and A string. Also playing thumb high positions feels easier now. Definitely recommended for all cello lovers! I am very happy with ''The String Zone''. Product arrived quickly, well-packed and in excellent condition!

Cons: None

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07/08/2018 15:12
Newport Pagnell, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Worth the price

Pros: Much easier to play than Jargar classic medium tension. Less effort and concentration to obtain a clean sound. A silky, yet gravelly sound. Had a metallic twang to it at first, but this has mellowed out after two weeks. Pleasantly surprised overall.

Cons: Price.

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05/03/2012 12:48
Sowerby Bridge, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Great string - suits my cello perfectly

Pros: On my cheaper cello this is a great string, plenty of responsive bass and clear focussed sound. It has massively improved the sound of the cello and I love playing on it.

Cons: No cons.

Other: On a more responsive cello I imagine it would be rather loud and edgy, but on a cheap Chinese cello it's just perfect.

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27/02/2011 19:53
Pietarsaari, Finland

Keen Amateur

One of the best strings.
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Pros: Strong, tough and pure sound.

Cons: -

Other: -

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