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Teka Chinrest by GEWA. Plastic

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Universally popular chinrest in various sizes. NOTE; Main image shows 4/4 & 3/4, and viola, second image shows 1/2-1/4 size. SMALL SIZES DO NOT EXTEND OVER THE TAILPIECE. These chinrests are sized for the particular instrument size and are smaller than typically found on Chinese instruments.

Product specifications

  • Plastic chinrest
  • Maximum height over instrument edge, (4/4) 25mm
  • GEWA brand. Made in Germany

Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
14/06/2011 17:47
Chester, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Good value
1 out of 1 found the following review helpful

Pros: I cover my chinrests with chamois leather, I don't need to go to the expense of a wooden one.

Cons: If used uncovered, may feel less nice against the skin in comparison to a wooden one

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22/11/2018 15:49
Norwich, United Kingdom


Great service from Stringzone

Pros: Didn't suit me

Cons: Didn't suit me

Other: Stringzone were great about refunding, thanks!!

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02/03/2018 12:51
Dublin, Ireland


good chinrest

Pros: good shape suits a lot of my students.

Cons: None

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02/03/2017 17:09
Seaford, United Kingdom


Fast and efficient delivery of a quality product

Pros: Comfortable and easy to fit.

Cons: nothing

Other: order dealt with efficiently and fast

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08/04/2016 11:45
Nottingham, United Kingdom


Great value chin rest

Pros: Great quality, comfort

Cons: none

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09/02/2016 13:51
USK, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Best chin rest yet.

Pros: This is the most successful chin rest for me so far. It is comfortable in combination with the Bonmusica shoulder rest and can be fitted over the tail piece or to the side of it depending on the player's build. I bought it as a trial and I am very pleased with the result.

Cons: No cons.

Other: Thanks String Zone for your usual prompt service.

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13/12/2015 12:12
East Grinstead, United Kingdom


Selecting the right chin rest.

Pros: As a beginner, a stable position of the violin is important. Without it one's confidence is compromised. I've tried three chin rests and the Teka seem the best to date. This chin rest plus the Bonmusica shoulder rest allow me to hold he violin without tightly gripping the neck with my left hand. My left hand dexterity has thus improved.

Cons: None I can think of.

Other: String Zone provide a first class service. Thank you.

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25/02/2013 16:48
Bracknell, United Kingdom


easy to use

Pros: recommended by instructor and easy to assemble

Cons: none

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Mr Richard Woods
28/03/2011 18:09
Lanchester, United Kingdom


Good value for 'test' purposes

Pros: A good standard shape and not too high or uncomfortable for a young student player. Sufficiently cheap for trial purposes before investing in a more expensive wooden version.

Cons: no adverse comment

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16/02/2011 20:37
Oundle, United Kingdom


A great product

Pros: It is good quality and seems really comfortable.

Cons: Nothing

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