The Hill Special Violin String, E

By Hidersine

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Famous E string originally produced by W.E. Hill and Sons. Suitable for all players and instruments. One of the most effective and popular E's on the market.

Using a loop end E? The use of a protector to prevent the tuner hook breaking the string is essential with loop end E strings. We cannot accept claims for strings broken by the adjuster hook. Click here to purchase this item.


  • Plain steel
  • Ball or loop end
  • 3 tensions

Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
13/08/2014 19:47
Acton,, United Kingdom


Sounds very good and no apparent faults
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Pros: On my violin, otherwise strung with Dominant, it sounds less shrill and very much better than the Dominant E-strings I used before. Recommended !

Cons: The little rubber ring meant to reduce shrillness is difficult to fit, but it is not necessary anyway.

Other: Sounds very good and no apparent faults

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04/01/2014 11:43
London, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

sweet, sweet, sweet!
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Pros: This string comes with a rubber 'washer' instead of the usual sleeve. It sits underneath the string on the bridge where it then folds over the sring.It helps the string produce a very sweet sound.

Cons: Can't think of any.

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Mr S.
11/01/2021 20:15
Dudley, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Definitely worth a try.

Pros: This is a stable and long lasting string once it has settled. It balances very well with the dominant A. No whistling, even on my 1742 violin with its complex tones.

Cons: Not much. Like most Es, even the expensive ones, it can sound rather metallic and brash on the first few plays.

Other: Inexpensive for a string that many pros swear by. Definitely worth a try if you have a capricious violin that turns its nose up at the excellent gold E strings out there.

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08/11/2019 20:03
Totnes, United Kingdom


Hill E string (thin)

Pros: Wonderful sound..... thin string prob not ideal for big concertos.... but v good for chamber music and orchestral playing

Cons: Sadly they go false very quickly so have to change very often

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29/06/2018 13:02
Glasgow, United Kingdom


Very happy with it!

Pros: Really nice, bright and sweet sound. Also it settles almost instantly on the instrument. I use it with Evah Pirazzi set on old English violin and it blends really well plus brings out more volume from the instrument.

Cons: None

Other: It includes a washer but I was not able to use it. The rubber was very tough and it wouldn’t bend under any of the strings. A useless addition imo. Other than that all good!

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26/06/2018 10:38
hemel hempstead, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

A string that truly improves your violins sound

Pros: I don't normally do reviews, but this product merits it. This string does everything i ask of it. It's the first string (of many i've tried) that doesn't squeak or judder when played. All notes are produced clearly. It projects very well & can be a bit louder than the other strings on the violin, but i don't consider this a con. The player soon gets used to this and adjusts the bow accordingly. It's quick to tune & stays in tune very quickly. All in all, it has greatly improved my confidence and thereby, my ability when playing in the high registers. I'm very pleased to have made this discovery.

Cons: None

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02/05/2018 15:17
Gateshead, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Hill E string

Pros: Tuned up easily and was stable almost immediately

Cons: Not keen on the sound A little too metallic which doesn’t match at all with my other strings (Passione)

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19/02/2018 18:39
Bath, United Kingdom


Efficient service

Pros: Good sound, quick service

Cons: None

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14/02/2018 13:38
London, United Kingdom


Beautiful and pure sound - Hill E string

Pros: Beautifully pure song bird quality to the Hill E Violin string. Settles very quickly. Have used for many years a with Eva Pirazzi Golds on other Strings. Never fails to please.

Cons: None

Other: Reliable and efficient service from the String Zone as always - thank you

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26/04/2016 14:41
Rotherham, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Old time and folk E string

Pros: Slightly thicker feel than my usual E string, or felt it at least, which was good. Seemed more focused and louder.

Cons: It does squeak more! Mainly when crossing over strings so my technique not really the string, but otherwise good.

Other: Super quick delivery and well packaged and a decent product for the price.

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