Thomastik Spirocore Viola String, C, Tungsten

By Thomastik

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Tungsten (Wolfram) on spiral steel core


  • Up to 38cm playing scale (vibrating length)

Customer reviews:

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Rachel Roberts
29/07/2012 16:17
Epping, United Kingdom


I love thestringzone-quick, easy and friendly!
6 out of 7 found the following review helpful

Pros: This string gives clarity, power and depth.

Cons: THe clarity lasts for -longest - a month, then the edge of the sound becomes softer. Depending on your repertoire - solo or chamber it's still a good string... for solo work it probably needs to get replaced with a new one which isn't cheap.

Other: I love "thestringzone", it's so quick, easy and friendly - wonderful that you keep a history of previous orders - makes the whole thing much faster. Brilliant service all round.

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11/03/2014 11:30
London, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Great once settled
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Pros: Big sound, excellent volume and good tone even when in high positions 'sul C'

Cons: A little slower to respond than previous brand, takes a little getting used to. Takes time to settle in to the tuning as it stretches but once it is tuned, it stays there.

Other: If you are coming to one of these from a synthetic core, as I did, you will find that the Tungsten C responds a little slower than those. It takes a little while to get used to especially using spiccato bowing. However once settled in the string sounds BIG, with lovely tone and it keeps the volume way up there in high positions, not fluffy or 'thin' sounds. I have had this string on my viola for about 2 months and it has settled in perfectly. It was a little tricky to keep in tune at first as it seemed to 'stretch' more than synthetic cores but after a couple of weeks it stayed true and has kept in tune very well indeed - only minor adjustments needed now. A bit pricey, probably the most expensive string I have ever bought, but as a non-professional orchestral player I have not yet had it go south and it seems to be keeping the tone. Happy so far.

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09/10/2013 13:17
EXETER, United Kingdom


Strongy and punchy - big sound!
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Pros: A bit of an experiment for me - trying to improve the ‘C’ string sound on my Viola. It was recommended to me as a replacement for my original Obligato C (a low tension silver on synthetic which I found too flabby) as I wanted to try and get a fuller ‘C string sound’ on my Viola. I chose the medium tension version of this tungsten on steel C string. I like the sound - again it’s a trial and I’ll need to get used to it. Its full and powerful and although still speaking fairly fast - sometimes a tad more sluggish than before – will have to decide if this is something I can live with or see if it settles down, or maybe I’ll try the low tension version of this string next time. I’m certainly getting volume.

Cons: VERY expensive! The most expensive single violin family string I’ve ever bought – but I like the results so far. The price jump from the Silver C to tungsten C version of this string is a bit steep!

Other: None

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27/05/2019 00:13
Oxford , United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Gives the C string a soloistic quality
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Pros: The Spirocore Tungsten C lives up to its reputation. The sound is resonant and clear. It gives the C string a soloistic quality. It's certainly one of the better C string I've tried. A five star review for the string, but giving it four stars because it is so expensive!

Cons: Need to consider which G and D strings to pair with as there is no obvious choice. Pairing with synthetic or gut strings mean there's a difference in response when crossing strings even if the sound works. I've considered going the full set of Spirocore but I think these strings would be over-powering for the higher strings.

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30/05/2017 12:21
Copenhagen, Denmark


Try it!

Pros: I like it! It is a very clear c string.

Cons: It takes 3-4 days to get use to the hardness of the string

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06/01/2014 11:58
Saint-Gillis Brussels, Belgium


great stuff
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Pros: Best string on my viola

Cons: too high tension for german bows, best with french flexibility

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