Thomastik Spirocore Violin Strings, SET

By Thomastik

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* All strings are ball end, unless otherwise specified.

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Hi-tech, top grade, spiral steel core strings. Spirocore strings have a flexible spiral steel core. This core has greater elasticity than that of conventional strings, which means less inertia and a higher propensity to musical vibration.


  • Chrome wound for even, bright tone. All 4 strings.
  • Sets of 4 strings all ball end, medium tension. See individual strings for soft and strong tensions.

Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
29/12/2015 17:41
Torpoint, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Good sound and response apart from floppy A
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Pros: They have good volume and projection. Stable and staying in tune, responsive. A warm, full sound.

Cons: They were a bit harsh and metallic at first - similar to dominants in that regard, The main downside was the A string, which was awful. Very floppy. Occasionally sounded ok, with great care in bowing, but often sounded nasal, out of tune, or didn't sound at all. I replaced it with a Helicore A, which suited the other strings fine.

Other: Expensive for what they are. I think I'll go with chrome wound Spirocores or Prims when they need replacing.

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MR John du Heaume
10/07/2019 23:32
Bristol, United Kingdom


Excellent spirocore strings.

Pros: Great strings, settled down quickly, cheers John.

Cons: None

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Owen OReilly
25/07/2016 21:41
Dublin, Ireland

Keen Amateur

back to my first love !

Pros: I like the tone. Rich and not hard and metallic.

Cons: no dislike.

Other: I tried a lot of other strings but have now come back to Spirocore having found none better !

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Mr M Graves
07/02/2016 16:29
Maldon, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Great quality strings for many styles of music.

Pros: Very good construction quality, they play & stay in good tune in a variety of environments including outdoor. From my experience they last a decent amount of time before losing their tone.

Cons: Not really a con, but they are quite expensive. You get what you pay for I guess.

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04/12/2014 08:36
Penzance, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Good sound, long lasting
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Pros: Good sound, long lasting

Cons: none

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