Warchal Amber Cello String, A

By Warchal

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4/4 metal or synthetic core string for advanced players. This string features Warchal's unique Helix design originally invented by Bohdan Warchal in 2013 to solve the sound difference of metal E strings and whistling problems on violins. After its tremendous success cello players can benefit from a metal A string with increased elasticity which offers the most wonderful sound.


  • Stainless steel on metal or synthetic core
  • Medium tension full size only.

Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
11/02/2017 22:10
Colchester, United Kingdom


Really great strings
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Pros: These are great strings. I have for years used the very standard Larsen/Spirocore set up. On my cello however (and please remember all cellos are different) there was quite a substantial tonal difference from the lower to the higher strings. So I started a search for something more integrated. The warchal brilliant strings were a little too harsh on my instrument. The ambers seemed to answer that question and boy they do. They start off very bright but after about four or five days playing in develop a considerable richness and tonal solidity. They blend superbly with my G and C spirocores. They have considerable character and allow both power and tonal variation. These are really worth a try!

Cons: Nothing!

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07/11/2017 18:10
Walton on Thames, United Kingdom


A bright resonant A string
1 out of 1 found the following review helpful

Pros: A lovely, resonant string. It was quite bright for the first few days, but has a good ringing quality and feels easy under the hand. Whether the coil at the bridge end makes any real difference to the sound is hard to say, but it didn't put me off trying it.

Cons: It's a straightforward sound, and I sometimes wanted a bit more colour. I switched back to Passione, which seemed to give that extra colour.

Other: You can feel the coil in the string under the left hand in high positions (above about the E harmonic), although it still produces a clear sound in that register.

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Mr Ellery
08/03/2018 14:57
GLASTONBURY, United Kingdom


My first acquaintance with Warchal strings
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Pros: Bought this string as a replacement to complete the set. Settled down in two or three days. Like the soft tension and sweet tone. Very comfortable to play on.

Cons: These Warchal strings don't respond very quickly to the Thomastik style adjusters on my second cello. There always seems to be a "delay". I find it more efficient to use the pegs. Wish I had Wittner pegs as I do on my first cello.

Other: Very keen price and speedy delivery, thank you

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