Warchal Amber Cello Strings, SET

By Warchal

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Synthetic core, professional grade strings.

Stainless steel and silver covers on synthetic core promise the projection of metal strings with a more traditional roundness of sound associated with traditional synthetic core strings. The metal A in this set features the unique helix spring to increase elasticity.


  • A - Stainless steel on metal core or Hydronalium/Stainless steel alloy on synthetic core
  • D - Hydronalium/Silver on synthetic core
  • G - Tungsten/Silver on synthetic core
  • C - Tungsten/Silver on synthetic core

Customer reviews:

22/10/2018 18:19
Essex, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Beautiful sounding, clear and singing tone.
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Pros: Really bright singing sound. It really made the instrument come alive. Nice feeling under the fingers too.

Cons: The g string. For the first couple of weeks it was incredibly aurally prominent. It has calmed down a lot now and strangely now sounds more dull (especially in 4th position upwards) than the other strings.

Other: I'm not a strings expert, and have not an enormous experience of different brands. But of those that I have tried, these are undoubtedly the best.

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