Warchal Amber Violin String, E

By Warchal

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Unique featured E string aimed at solving the problems associated with conventional strings.

Made from a special alloy with a spiral design which increases the elasticity to produce a warm sound free of whistles and metallic overtones. (Manufacturer's description)

Now available in a design for tailpieces with integrated fine tuners.

This string features a unique coil design which changes to an almost invisible wave when in use and fully stabilised.

Using a loop end E? The use of a protector to prevent the tuner hook breaking the string is essential with loop end E strings. We cannot accept claims for strings broken by the adjuster hook. Click here to purchase this item.

Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
27/09/2019 16:44
POOLE, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Excellent string. Amazing quality at a good price.

Pros: This E string formed part of a new set of strings for a bargain violin. The string has a clever construction and a bright, rich tone. Even on my economy violin it sounds really good and has transformed the instrument. Highly recommended.

Cons: Nothing.

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Mr Tim Griffiths
02/07/2019 20:11
Alton, United Kingdom


Excellent string in all respects.

Pros: This string was recommended to respond without any false sounds on the open E. It does just that! Don't be put off by the strange appearance of the spring. It disappears as you put it on and the string played in very quickly.

Cons: None

Other: Best I've discovered so far.

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21/06/2019 15:16
Chesterfield, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

A great E string but needs balancing as a set.

Pros: A brilliant string, not for the feint hearted. Very similar to the Warchal Timbre. Goes well with Avantgarde A string and Timbre G & D.

Cons: Can't say yet.

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03/05/2019 17:02
Ossett, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Excellent speedy response. Very pleased

Pros: Very quick response. Received item next day.

Cons: None

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22/04/2019 17:08
Berwick upon Tweed, United Kingdom


Goodbye whistles - Hello technology.

Pros: The sound is slightly warmer than the Warchal Ametyst E which this string temporarily replaces. The tones are good right up to the B on the E on this violin. It seems to have more 'core' or 'heart' than the Ametyst E which is just what I want and most importantly it hardly ever whistles. It also blends in very well with the Ametyst G, D A set fitted 12 days ago.

Cons: None

Other: The coil near the POC looks a bit odd but it straightens out as the string is tuned. It is a brilliant idea to help prevent whistling as I think it resists rotation of the string as it is bowed. Full marks to Warchal. I recommend trying this coiled string highly. It is quite an advance. It does stretch quite a lot immediately after it is fitted but settles down quite quickly.

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25/03/2019 16:21
Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Great as no-whistling E. Downside: a little quiet.

Pros: Bought to try switching out the E in a Thomastik Peter Infeld set. These are terrific, with an E which is bright whilst remaining sweet and not too harsh... but I was getting problems with whistling/squeaks particularly when needing to use an open E in Bach chords. With this Warchal string - no whistling. Sound is mellower, but pleasant.

Cons: If I have to be at all critical, there's definitely less projection especially in the middle range of this string, and I'm slightly missing the almost bell-like highs I had with the P.I. string. It's sweet, but a little subdued.

Other: Bought to fix whistling E problem, and it has definitely done that. Not blown away by the sound/power from this string, but it is sweet, rounded, and without metallic harshness. Giving 5 stars - it is doing what I hoped, well.

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25/04/2018 14:47
Tredegar, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Not sure what you mean.

Pros: The E string sounded less tinny than others

Cons: The first string was a loop end. The loop snapped after 3 weeks. Wasn't sure whether it was down to me or a fault so didn't make an issue of it. I bought another, this time with a ball end. This is playing well

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15/03/2018 13:39
Southampton, United Kingdom


Warchal E string

Pros: Very warm sound . My violin is a 2016 new Guarneri copy.

Cons: It was difficult to get the plastic bridge saver off...I didn't need it as have parchment protector on my bridge.Did manage though to get it off. Takes a couple of days to playing unlike a normal E string.

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Mr Peter Haywood
30/10/2017 10:23
Pwllheli, United Kingdom


Satisfied customer

Pros: A very good string, mellow without whistling. Will buy again.

Cons: None

Other: Prompt delivery as always from stringzone

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16/05/2017 15:40
Stockton-on-Tees, United Kingdom


Excellent E string.

Pros: Excelent E string. Far less whistling both on medium and forte strings.

Cons: No cons.

Other: Usual excellent service from Stringzone.

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