Warchal Amber Violin Strings, Set

By Warchal

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The Amber string set has been developed with the aim of achieving the sound quality of the best gut strings without any tuning instabilities. The set features W-Core®, a completely new core material developed by our Research & Development team. The E of this set is made from a special alloy with a spiral design which increases the elasticity to produce a warm sound free of whistles and metallic overtones. (Manufacturer's description)

Using a loop end E? The use of a protector to prevent the tuner hook breaking the string is essential with loop end E strings. We cannot accept claims for strings broken by the adjuster hook. Click here to purchase this item.

Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
18/02/2016 09:40
Lancaster, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Great sound and recyclable too
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Pros: Although these strings are marketed as being intended for higher-end instruments, I've put them on a respectable-but-modest student violin with integrated fine tuners, and am very happy with the results. The previous set of strings was a comparably-priced one; these have a richer tone (lots of harmonics I think) and on my fiddle, they are quite loud and bright. Other people commented on the improved sound straight away. I like it that these strings are made out of sensible metals - no messing around with a whistle-prone vanity gold E string (gold is a very high-impact metal). Better still, the strings are the first violin strings designed to be recyclable. The manufacturer will take them back for recycling after use. For me, this is a huge plus. The design for the non-squeaky spiral end on the E seemed, and felt, a bit odd at first; but it is certainly not squeaky, unlike its predecessor, and plays absolutely fine. I'd be happy to buy these strings again.

Cons: Cons, none.

Other: Took a few weeks to settle down after fitting, but are fine now that they have settled. These are more sensitive to the room's acoustics than the previous set: they sound slightly brash in the living room where there is a carpet, long curtains and a sofa mopping up sound but absolutely great in rooms with more hard surfaces, e.g. in the session in the local pub.

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06/12/2017 20:58
Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Loud powerful sound
3 out of 3 found the following review helpful

Pros: Loud powerful sound. A major step up from the Dominants I have used up until now.

Cons: None

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29/11/2017 12:39
Linlithgow, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Sounded great immediately on installation.
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Pros: Great sounding string set with good sounding E, gave my violin a nice solid warm sound. Has a capacity to chuck out volume when I dig in deep and I can vary tone when requited. Didnt take too long to settle in.

Cons: None

Other: Have previously used Dominants and Karneol but Amber is my current favourite.

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08/02/2017 16:07
Dronfield, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

don't suit me as well as the Brilliant Vintage
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Pros: The E string seems to work as described. The strings remind me very much of Obligato's. They also remind me of the importance of matching specific strings to individual instruments, because...

Cons: They seem to take a while breaking in, and they remind me of Obligato's! I usually use Warchal's Brilliant Vintage on this violin and I'm very impressed with them. Therefore I have no doubt the Amber's are good strings, but sadly they don't suit this particular fiddle very well.

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19/02/2020 22:22
Linlithgow, United Kingdom


Sound like gut to my ear.

Pros: Love the aound. Lots of nasal tone with a good balance. Very stable once beoken in.

Cons: None

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30/04/2018 21:33
Bridlington, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Not a beginner's strings.

Pros: Nice tone, ring out well. My intonation has definitely improved because of that.

Cons: Went out of tune a lot for the first two weeks, but settled down well afterwards. They also benefit from increased rosin application.

Other: Probably not for the absolute beginner. Good if you have a slightly better violin, and are prepared to work with them for a few weeks.

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06/12/2017 15:43
Beaconsfield , United Kingdom



Pros: Good information, quick service.

Cons: None

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