Warchal Brilliant Cello String, C

By Warchal

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Synthetic core


  • Tungsten/Silver on synthetic core

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08/03/2014 17:22
Shropshire, United Kingdom


A mellow, resonant string, Needs time to settle.
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Pros: The C string is also smooth and the whole set are even Mellow. and resonant when settled in. I have reviewed the whole set for The String Zone, because there are no other reviews and I thought it would be helpful! :) I am very happy with them.

Cons: Again, like the G string, this took a bit of getting used to. The C was easier to handle initially, than the G. Again the Wolf notes reared their ugly head, but then disappeared. It takes getting used to the thickness of the string. Also the initial quality of sound sounded less clear than my Evahs' and I had to work at a slightly different bow pressure, speed and point of contact.

Other: Now it is day 3 and the C has settled down. I am very pleased. It is easy to play, resonant and the whole set have mellowed.They are holding the tuning better now. I find that I still have to tune from the pegs much more.

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24/11/2020 22:16
Lancaster, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Nice core sound

Pros: Vibrant and full core sound.

Cons: None

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06/03/2017 16:40
Shetland, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Deep, rich and strong

Pros: Deep, rich and powerful.

Cons: Requires a short and easy stretching period and a longer more gruelling playing in period during which it is rough and nasty.

Other: After playing in, the C string was still a little rough and aggressive for my taste, but simply fitting a New Harmony 5g wolf suppressor smoothed and enriched it beautifully and now it is definitely the best C string I have used. I have noticed this effect with the wolf suppressor with other C strings; contrary to what might be expected, it can actually improve the sound and response of the string in general.

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