Warchal Brilliant Cello Strings, SET

By Warchal

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Professional grade synthetic core strings

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  • A - Hydronalium/Stainless steel on synthetic core.
  • D - Hydronalium/Silver on synthetic core
  • G - Tungsten/Silver on synthetic core
  • C - Tungsten/Silver on synthetic core

Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
04/07/2019 14:13
Blairgowrie,, United Kingdom


Excellent gut-like qualities from the A, D, and C.
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Pros: Round, warm sound with a richness associated with gut strings. Lots of variation of sound available by playing near the bridge or further away. Good price, too.

Cons: As so often in my experience, the G didn't measure up to the other strings. Thinner in sound than the C and harsher than the D. Care needed to produce a good sound on the open string, especially on short notes. I persevered for about 3 weeks, then changed it.

Other: After using 6 different cellos (currently an old Italian) over more than 60 years, I'm very aware that every cello and every player responds differently, but I find reviews useful, so that's why I've offered my comments. My criticism of the G string should be assessed in the context that I, like many other players, have often found the G problematic with many different sets.

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14/12/2014 21:37
London, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

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Pros: Nice warm sound with good projection. Has made my cheap cello sound much better.

Cons: The strings were put on my cello brand new by my local luthier as I was also getting the cello pegs changed and a new bridge fitted. Straight away the "A" string broke and had to be replaced with a Jargar "A" string instead so I do not know what the whole set of Warchal brilliants sound like. Maybe I just got a duff "A" string.

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22/09/2014 17:29
Lancaster, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Nice baroque sound
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Pros: They do what I wanted i.e. make a very baroque sound compared with Larsens, and they are powerful and resonant. Once they've stretched they stay in tune - though it takes a while. Thus, they avoid the inconvenience of having to keep retuning gut strings.

Cons: D string is not so resonant as the other strings, and G can be harsh, especially using a baroque bow. Need to make much more effort to bow successfully.

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