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WARCHAL Brilliant Viola Strings, Set

By Warchal

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SET, small (36-38cm) with synthetic A
2 in stock
SET small (36-38cm) with metal A
1 in stock
SET, large (38-40 cm) with synthetic A
1 in stock
SET, large (38-40cm) with metal A
1 in stock

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Synthetic core strings with optional metal A

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Order according to scale length i.e. distance between bridge and top nut. Disregard body length. Click small image above for details.

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Rating Summary
20/03/2018 17:28
Birmingham, United Kingdom


Great strings for professional player

Pros: I love these strings.they play in fast and deliver a direct yet warm favourites!

Cons: None

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31/07/2015 18:21
London, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Love them

Pros: Very bright and loud Clarity on the C-string Good tuning stability once settled

Cons: Took a while to settle Could be too bright if you have a young viola

Other: Really great for me and my instrument - very bright and projecting so might not suit all instruments but are OK for me. The C in particular is lovely and clear with no flobbery response like some Cs. I found it took a while for them to settle in for tuning but once they had, they stay in tune really well.

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24/03/2011 22:39
Woodbridge, United Kingdom


good alternative to Pirastro

Pros: cheaper than Evah strings but similar bright powerful sound.

Cons: the C broke fairly soon after being fitted - disappointing, given how good most synthetic core strings are these days

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11/12/2011 20:16
Wickford, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Good clarity, tone and value - definitely bright
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Pros: Strong sound, good volume possible, rich tone. Good value. The C is especially good, with both clarity and tone.

Cons: Possibly take a little longer to settle in than other synthetics. Quite a good A string (synthetic), but I have gone back to my favourite Larsen A. I found it difficult to get the C to speak quietly in really PP passages.

Other: They really are bright, so could be harsh if you already have a bright instrument, but excellent if you need clarity, especially in the bass.

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