Warchal Russian Style Violin String, A

By Warchal

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A versatile metal core A string with excellent response.

For the old 'Russian' style of the Oistrachs etc. Medium tension, ball end.

Customer reviews:

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15/03/2013 16:29
cupar, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

An excellent new string - well worth a try
11 out of 12 found the following review helpful

Pros: I've used three or four of these and like them very much. They project a sweet, clean, firm, steady sound without any harsness or metallic ring. They articulate very well, as you'd expect, with a steel E, but also with any synthetic core D that I have tried. There is a most attractive warmth about them. I have four very good violins, including an oldish (1904) French one, and this would be my string of choice with all of them.

Cons: Nothing

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14/03/2014 16:19
Milngavie, United Kingdom


Good buy nice tone
1 out of 1 found the following review helpful

Pros: It has improved my tone and I am really happy with it. A good buy

Cons: I raplaced the Warchall Brilliant string which was not working on my fiddle but seems better on one of my others.

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16/03/2013 23:30
Abingdon, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Solved open A harshness issue
2 out of 3 found the following review helpful

Pros: I've always had trouble on my violin with the open A sounding harsh, even when I use Helicore (though their Al-wound E is still my favourite). But this string solves the problem, my open A sounds great now.

Cons: Nothing, I'm happy!

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29/11/2019 12:53
Cambridge, United Kingdom


Excellent steel a string

Pros: Exellent response , very warm for a steel string. Good volume, plenty of overtones Works very well with silver wound gut D and g

Cons: Losses it's fine sound quality after 2-3 months Quite expensive

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24/08/2019 23:35
Devon, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

An outstanding and innovative string!

Pros: I've been using this string since it came out. Like other reviewers, I find it warm, very responsive and extremely stable and long lasting. Tonally, it bridges nicely between my synthetic D and my steel E - no-one has ever spotted that I'm playing a metal string. I have a good modern instrument, and it's an excellent match. I understand that this was a labour of love for Warchal and took many years of R&D. It's great to see a small company offering something so innovative and successful!

Cons: No cons - this really is an excellent string.

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17/05/2018 04:14
Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam

Keen Amateur

Recommended option for an A string substitute

Pros: This is a fabuolus string that is perfect for those who have settled a G & D combination but are unconvinced about the A string of that particular set. For example, I have put it with Tzigane G & D and with Eudoxa G & D (stiff). In every case, it has blended very well. Despite being a steel string, it is very, very warm. The response is unparalleled and you may be confident about playing in the highest positions. The durability of the string and its tuning stability are perfect. It is my string of choice when I set a Russian Combination (steel A & E with gut G&D). It doesn't need a fine tuner.

Cons: The texture is obviolusly different from a synthetic or gut A, but it takes just a couple of hours to get used to it.

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26/01/2013 17:38
Buckhurst Hill, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Russian A (Wachtal) v. Infeld Red A

Pros: A thin string easy to play with a moderately mellow tone but not as 'dark' as the Infeld Red.

Cons: as above

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