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Wittner Ultra Cello Tailpiece

By Wittner

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'Standard' integrated tuner tailpiece. Made in Germany. All sizes

As Wittner original but made of high density matt finish composite. Ultralight.

We do not regard the fitting of tailpieces to be a DIY job and is best left to trained personnel.

Product specifications

  • Easy to fit with threaded nylon tail loop.
  • Precision adjusting screws for easy and accurate tuning.
  • Made in Germany
  • Visit Manufacturer's Website

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Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
27/09/2017 17:16
London, United Kingdom


Happy cellist

Pros: Not only are now all strings in place again, but also the cello sounds much nicer than before! Good service, too.

Cons: None

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Dr A Wing
17/05/2016 12:22
Birmingham, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Good returns policy

Pros: Nicely made, very compact

Cons: No cons

Other: I had second thoughts about taking off the present tailpiece so returned, which was promptly acknowledged and refunded by thestringzone.

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08/03/2013 14:43
London, United Kingdom


Fine product, needs longer tailgut.
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Pros: Nicely made item,a tremendous improvement on the Chinese plastic effort which came with the cello. Tuning screws have a good positive action.

Cons: The nylon tailgut supplied was only just long enough for the 3/4 cello I was fitting up. Some of the threaded section is showing between the tailpiece and saddle.

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