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D'Addario Zyex Violin String, G

By D'Addario

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All strings are ball end, full size, and medium tension unless specified.


Silver wound on synthetic fibre core. 3 gauges.

For more information please visit the manufacturer's website, link below

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Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
A Chander
26/11/2011 16:12
London, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Great sound, slightly unfocused sometimes
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Pros: The tone is very rich and the dynamic range is great. Good projection. Blends well with my other strings. Suitable for solo, chamber and orchestral music.

Cons: The sound can sometimes be a little unfocused when quiet or high up the string - this may be because I chose heavy tension. Perhaps with medium or light tension this wouldn't be a problem.

Other: I have had these on a Chinese violin before and they lasted 2 years before giving out! I hope they last as long as that on the English one I have put them on.

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19/01/2011 22:29
PEEBLES, United Kingdom


Great string.

Pros: On my violin (a Collin Mezin) this string gives me lots of resonance and clarity. I play in several classical orchestras, sometimes with professionals and I am comfortable with the depth of tone I can get from this string. In fiddle music, it speaks easily, helping with fast playing in reels and jigs.

Cons: Might need to be replaced more often.

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21/08/2012 15:21
Caerphilly, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

So far so good
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Pros: Smooth tone over the range; I like the feel under the bow. Tuning very stable

Cons: None

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Mrs.Eileen Boden
11/04/2011 20:30
Wembley, United Kingdom


a standard replacement purchase, but a good buy.
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Pros: Zyex strings give a good tone, while remaining in tune better than the gut strings I had been using previously.

Cons: Not sure yet if its sound is as subtle mellow as the gut strings. Am still getting used to Zyex.

Other: How do I send a review of various other items I bought more recently than the string by telephone order? I didn't notice any points allotted for that other purchase, but don't completely understand the points system.

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