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Bridge Vellum

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A single piece of pre-cut vellum for gluing on the bridge under the E or A string.

The vellum needs to be glued to the bridge over the string groove. For best results ensure the bridge is clean and free of grease or old rosin. Superglue is recommended. Fitting should ideally be undertaken by a suitably qualified workman.

Customer reviews:

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17/04/2014 11:46
Baldock, United Kingdom


A good product
4 out of 6 found the following review helpful

Pros: I found my A string was cutting into the bridge so used a little epoxy resin to raise the seat of the slot, redressed the slot to a slightly greater width to account for the additional vellum material, stuck one side of the vellum to the bridge with super glue, bent the vellum over and used an edge to push vellum into the slot to profile a groove. Fitted A string and tuned up so everything was under working load, then carefully stuck the other side of vellum to bridge. Dead easy.

Cons: No complaints, although a little pricey for what it was.

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15/11/2017 13:06
Carmarthen, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

bridge vellum

Pros: did the job

Cons: a tad expensive for what it was

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22/08/2017 20:59
London, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

How much will it cost to replace your bridge?

Pros: For my money, these are the best way to protect the bridge of your cello. They're small, unobtrusive pieces of opaque vellum that fit over the string slots of the bridge preventing strings cutting into the bridge.

Cons: Not any downside to this product

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17/07/2017 11:18
London, United Kingdom


important to protect your bridge, and this works

Pros: it works

Cons: be careful with super glue if you have decided to put the thing on by yourself

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