Violin and Viola Bridges

String sleeve. Pack of 5

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Plastic string protectors. To support the 'E' string at the bridge which prevents the string from cutting into the bridge groove. Also protects the string, ensuring ... read more...

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Unfitted Viola Bridges by Aubert, France

Quality unfitted blank bridges from France's oldest established bridge maker. Various grades suitable for student instruments to the finest old master violas. Standa... read more...

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Fitted Violin Bridge by Aubert, France

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Bridges designed to fit the instrument without adjustment and with string grooves made. These high quality bridges are made by the the world's leading bridge maker,... read more...

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Aubert Self Adjusting Violin Bridges

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Premium quality French made bridges which feature swivelling feet to provide a good fit to any instrument without further adjustment. A cost effective solution for s... read more...

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Unfitted Violin Bridges by Aubert, France

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Unfitted violin bridges by Aubert, Mirecourt, France. High quality blank violin bridge by Aubert. Treated for hardness and colour. Aubert France - ideal for student... read more...

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Bridge Vellum. Pack of two

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Two pre-cut thin pieces of vellum for gluing on the bridge under the E or A string. Avoids the need to use bridge protectors typically included with E strings which ... read more...

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