Dominant Violin String, A

By Thomastik

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* All strings are ball end, unless otherwise specified.


The original and best known synthetic cored string. Regarded as the reference standard for this type of string. Well adapted to give excellent playing properties on any instrument.

Dominant strings give a warm and clear sound which closely approximates to a traditional covered gut string. Tonally stable and easy to play on they suitable for all players beginner to professional.

Available in three tensions in full size and medium tension in fractional sizes. Aluminium wound on a multi-strand synthetic core.

To check your instrument size measure the length of the back (LOB) excluding the 'button' which is the thumb shaped extension at the top where the neck is anchored. Old instruments can vary, if more than 1/2" over choose the next size up.

4/4 - LOB 356mm (14")

3/4 - LOB 330mm (13")

1/2 - LOB 305mm (12")

1/4 - LOB 280mm (11")

1/8 - LOB 254mm (10")


  • 1/8 to full size
  • Aluminium on synthetic core. Cat. no.131
  • Three tensions (full size)
  • Ball end
  • Made in Austria

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Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
09/04/2019 18:24
MELROSE, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Starts to unravel and fray within 3 months

Pros: I love the sound from the Dominant strings and the fact they stay in tune well

Cons: I’ve had to replace my A string every 3 months when using dominant A strings as it starts to fray

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21/08/2018 09:40
Darlington, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Something wrong with Dominant A's

Pros: Price

Cons: A strings, as opposed to D & G, appear to have a problem in that the winding fails surprisingly quickly. Hopefully a short term manufacturing matter.

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09/08/2018 20:24
Trowbridge, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Good for all level musician

Pros: Dominant is my dauther's first choice. She has been using this brand for more than 8 year. It's durable and kind to her little figures.

Cons: None

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29/03/2018 15:59
Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Not up to standard at all

Pros: It's not physically broken in any way.

Cons: I normally get on well with Dominant strings, so hopefully I got a one off bad one, but this string has never sounded true, and took far longer to settle than ever before. It sounds dull when plucked, as if I've been playing it for a year, although there is no visible damage. Very disappointed, although as I say I normally love dominant strings.

Other: I bought an E string at the same time and have had no problems

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05/03/2018 18:42
Lowestoft, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Product good, rapid delivery option dreadful.

Pros: The string was fine.

Cons: I didn't like the lack of clarity about what you actually got in the priority postal service. In the end I felt I just wasted £8, which I was not happy about. No complaints about the product, but I expected a quick service, & paid for it, but by the time I got the string I could have gone into town & probably got it cheaper & sooner!

Other: The priority service, costing me £8 was an utter waste of money, and I would strongly advise bypassing it.

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11/01/2018 16:57
Watford, United Kingdom


Good product. Good value

Pros: Great sound. Soft and smooth under the fingers

Cons: None

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08/01/2018 19:59
leven, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur


Pros: Good tone

Cons: None

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08/01/2018 19:02
Margate, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Good service and product

Pros: Quick delivery and nice sounding A string. Used today with no problems in a studio session.

Cons: None

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05/01/2018 17:16
Kirkby Stephen, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Choice delivered when asked for.

Pros: Plenty of choice, quick delivery

Cons: None

Other: I always have spare strings to guard against unexpected failure, so it will be some time before I can assess what these particular ones are like.

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13/10/2017 20:55
High Wycombe, United Kingdom


Always the first - if you can wait

Pros: Excellent price and easy-to-use website

Cons: Took five working days to arrive after ordering

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