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Dominant Violin String, A

By Thomastik

4.6 from 73 reviews
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Aluminium on Perlon. All sizes. Ball end, three gauges in full size.

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Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
31/10/2013 13:34
Devon, United Kingdom


The Dominant set is let down by the ‘A’ string...
16 out of 17 found the following review helpful

Pros: Dominant strings - as a complete set – are quite rightly the popular choice of ‘universal’ synthetic core string that suits most instruments and most players’ needs. Reliable in tuning stability and tone and reasonable in price – however, badly let down in my opinion by the construction quality of the ‘A’ string….

Cons: A quick read of the other reviews, a search of the internet or even just ask other players and everyone always says the same thing - good strings, but the ‘A’ string unwinds quickly after use and doesn’t last long! Why, oh why then does Thomastik not actually DO something about it then! Clearly there is a construction problem with the A’s for this to be such a commonly experienced problem with so many different users and on so many different instruments – this can’t all be a usage or fitting problem or even sweaty fingers as is usually blamed. I congratulate Thomastik overall on a good string – overall the set is great, but don’t rest on your laurels, things can always be improved – a problem has been identified by your customers – please do look into how this can be remedied unless you’re quite content to be forever known as the ‘good set but poor quality A’ brand of strings that is…

Other: This ‘A’ string is soooo frustrating! In terms of tuning and tone it’s great, but it unwinds at different points of the string spontaneously in next to no time! I won’t be getting replacement Dominant A’s again until they sort this out!

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06/05/2016 12:48
Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Heavier gauge Dominant A
2 out of 2 found the following review helpful

Pros: This works much better on my fiddle than the standard Dominant A string. Louder, clearer and altogether stronger sound. Also less inclined to sound a bit on the scratchy side with my playing. All violins are different but this string certainly suits mine. I've never mixed sets of strings before but would recommend experimenting. I now use the standard Dominant G and D strings, the heavier gauge A and the Kaplan/d'Addario Golden Spiral 'Solo' E string, which is much better than the standard Dominant E

Cons: Nothing

Other: Thanks String zone for the advice and usual efficient service

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19/12/2011 14:29
Merseyside, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Dominant Violin Strings
3 out of 4 found the following review helpful

Pros: I've used Dominant strings for several years and I am really happy with the G D and A although I do now use Pirastro Gold Label for the E string as it goes really well with the Dominant strings but I think it has a richer tone.

Cons: None.

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04/09/2012 17:57
Newton Abbot, United Kingdom


Lively sound and great value for money.
1 out of 1 found the following review helpful

Pros: I like the bright sound on my fiddle and what to me seems like a good response. Also once tuned they stay tuned (except in large temperature changes - which is understandable. Great value.

Cons: I play in open air and in pubs - they tend to deteriorate quickly under these (not ideal) conditions.

Other: This was a replacement A to make up the set.

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16/04/2012 15:55
Auchterarder, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Nothing to add
1 out of 1 found the following review helpful

Pros: Better than a broken one

Cons: Nothing

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13/09/2018 10:52
Bath, United Kingdom


Great choice - poor process

Pros: choice of strings available

Cons: Why it took 5 days to actually process the shipment. If it was processed on the same day, first class, there wouldn't be a necessity to have to pay for faster shipping.

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21/08/2018 09:40
Darlington, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Something wrong with Dominant A's

Pros: Price

Cons: A strings, as opposed to D & G, appear to have a problem in that the winding fails surprisingly quickly. Hopefully a short term manufacturing matter.

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09/08/2018 20:24
Trowbridge, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Good for all level musician

Pros: Dominant is my dauther's first choice. She has been using this brand for more than 8 year. It's durable and kind to her little figures.

Cons: None

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29/03/2018 15:59
Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Not up to standard at all

Pros: It's not physically broken in any way.

Cons: I normally get on well with Dominant strings, so hopefully I got a one off bad one, but this string has never sounded true, and took far longer to settle than ever before. It sounds dull when plucked, as if I've been playing it for a year, although there is no visible damage. Very disappointed, although as I say I normally love dominant strings.

Other: I bought an E string at the same time and have had no problems

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05/03/2018 18:42
Lowestoft, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Product good, rapid delivery option dreadful.

Pros: The string was fine.

Cons: I didn't like the lack of clarity about what you actually got in the priority postal service. In the end I felt I just wasted £8, which I was not happy about. No complaints about the product, but I expected a quick service, & paid for it, but by the time I got the string I could have gone into town & probably got it cheaper & sooner!

Other: The priority service, costing me £8 was an utter waste of money, and I would strongly advise bypassing it.

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