Fitted Violin Bridge by Aubert, France

By Aubert

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Bridges designed to fit the instrument without adjustment and with string grooves made.

These high quality bridges are made by the the world's leading bridge maker, Aubert of Mirecourt, France. They are designed to be an economical way to replace the bridge on, for example, children's or basic instruments where the cost of a custom, craftsman fitted bridge is not justified.

How to check that the bridge will set the string clearances at the correct height:

  1. Measure the existing bridge at the middle i.e. between the A and D string grooves to the bottom of the bridge i.e the surface of the instrument front. Compare the measurement to the one given against the instrument size.

  2. If no bridge is available measure from the end of the fingerboard (in the middle) downwards to the front of the instrument as shown in the photograph. This measurement should be 21-22mm for full size, 19-20mm for 3/4 and 18-19mm for 1/2 size.

If the measurement is different then our self adjusting bridges are an alternative and are available in 3 different heights for each size of instrument.


  • Cost effective
  • High quality, hard maple.
  • Ready to fit with string notches made to correct spacing.
  • Made in France

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